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We offer nice service at a low cost for crypto asset trading on our platform like no other platform does. We do well tomboy attention to detail, customers needs and pure transparency when dealing with our clients and potential clients. We offer 18 hrs customer support service for enquiries and issues.

At SMART EXCHANGE, we recognize the potential Africa possesses in terms of E-commerce, crypto currency (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and human resources. We set out to create the perfect market; A Safe, Secure and Interactive space that can usher Africa into the Digital Age.

24 Hrs Access

We offer 24 hrs Trading access for all our crypto assets thereby making us the first choice of every customer.

Customer Satisfaction

We give our best to ensuring that our customers support functions properly.

High Speed Transactions

Speed and quality delivery time are what makes us stand out from the rest of our competitors.

Make Payment

We make payments easy, stress free and convenient for all our customers.

secure platforms

All transaction carried out on the SmartsExchange is highly confidential.


Our services revolve around sales and purchase of altcoins and gift-cards at a very High rate and effectively building and ecosystem of friendship and loyalty with our clients


Our customer / client centered approach is key to or excellence. We all know the saying ” the customer or client is always right” at SmartsExchange, we put our clients first in the sense that when it comes to our unit price for each trade we always set out a pocket friendly price for our customers and also beneficial to us. On a daily basis. We also offer gift card conversion service at a good price. Cards ranging from Amazon, Apple to Google play gift cards. Work with us today.

Anything You Need?

We can provide, We ensure no customer is left hanging or unsatisfied during any trading transaction.​​

Friendly Price Package

We offer competitive prices for all our exchange, and also offer loyalty offers for our customers.


We make sure to offer consistent customers bonuses to encourage them to always come back to buy from us. We put loyalty first especially to our customers. To join our next discount / giveaway session make at least 5 trades withing 2 weeks and stand a chance to get a discount or a gift voucher. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, you can and you can also buy or sell other crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Smart Exchange is a platform owned by AC COMMUNICATIONS 

Yes, Bitcoin is totally safe to buy and use provided you take precautions and follow the necessary measures we outline in our guide. The main thing to consider with Bitcoin is that you are your own bank, and as such you don’t have anyone to call if you make a mistake or you get hacked for some reason but provided you don’t do anything silly you will be totally fine just remember to only buy from approved and verified sources like SmartExchange or CoinBase if you aren’t comfortable

This depends on what country you live in but for the vast majority of the worlds 195 countries Bitcoin is perfectly legal but often not considered an accepted form of legal tender (yet at least). Though Japan made bitcoin a legal currency in 2017 and are one of the countries leading the way in cryptocurrency legislation and regulation while embracing the new technology rather than stifling its progress with red tape.

Places like Nepal, Ecuador, Bolivia, Morocco and Kyrgyzstan have all made Bitcoin illegal and while Bitcoin itself is still legal in China, they have banned and unbanned trading of cryptocurrencies multiple times though this is still being mulled over by the government it seems.


Our Payment Methods are Chipper Cash, Local Bank Accounts, Crypto-Currency Wallets and Mobile Money

You can get paid by easily creating a Mobile Money Wallet like Chipper Cash or any Mobile Money Wallet of your Choice and you get paid through your Mobile Money Wallet, preferably Chipper Cash

Simply, click on the link and you’d be directed to your WhatsApp, from your WhatsApp you’d communicate with Us and sell your giftcards 

Two things are involved.
1. Is the bitcoin confirmed?
2. If confirmed, then the payment is delayed. If you sent the coin but it is not confirmed, kindly check the transaction details as stated above, then query the transaction. If payment is delayed, it could be due to inter-bank transfers. You can as well chat us for assistance.

Confirmation and Payment is usually between 2-5 minutes. If it goes beyond this, Please Check the details of the Transaction 

Whatsapp chat us: +234 805 121 1617
Send mail: Hello@smartsexchange­.com
You can as well message web support.

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